About Us

A man lives for himself . He thinks and acts to make his own life secure, comfortable and happy. His natural instinct of self-preservation makes this behavior. But this life is short, the vanities of the world are transient and they alone live who live for others. The rest are more dead than alive. We are indebted to the society for what we receive from it and its our duty to repay.

And we at Lokakshemam foundation, try giving it back in our own way.

Lokakshemam Foundation came into inception on August 2015 and is registered with the Co-operative societies act for the following reasons:

  • Green Conservation
  • Water Conservation
  • Spot fixing
  • Dust free City campaigns

Our primary area of focus is on Green Conservation as we have come into existence with a motto to increase the green cover in the city. In other areas;till date we have done many Spot fixing activities at bus stops, Railway Stations, etc.

Coming to Water Conservation, construction of rain water harvesting pits has been our main motive and we have successfully set up pits across various places including Police department offices, Hyderabad.--Click here to know more about Our Speciality

We are the pioneers of Dust free Hyderabad campaign and was launched by Shri. Jitender. ,IPS.(Addl. Commissioner Police, Hyderabad Traffic)

But how do we do it ?

Its you who can do it with us, helping us reach new horizons and inspiring us to do more good. As Mahatma Gandhi rightly said “ The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others”