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  • As per the latest reports , Hyderabad is the 6th most populous urban agglomeration in India.
  • The estimated population is 12 million with a growth rate of 8% !
  • The reports from NUMBEO(a website that collects global statistics of Crime ratesand pollution) ranksHyderabad 25th in thetraffic category.
  • Studies tell us the green cover in Hyderabad fell from 2.71% to 1.66% In the last 20 years.
  • Experts believe by 2024 it may be 1.84% of the city’s area!
  • The urban built-up area rose 400% between 1999-2009. Experts say the main reason is not deforestation alone but land encroachments and this is dangerously increasing Global warming.

Why a person should be a Patron of a plant?

  • All of us dream of a relatively cooler summer from Mar- Jun, proper rains from July- Sep and a wonderful winter from Oct- Jan. But what’s hilariously pathetic is ,we dreaming in spite of knowing it cannot be achieved as long as we have a proper green cover!

Better late than never, we have realized this alarming concern and started planting saplings, but at the fag end of the day are we satisfied that our problem is solved and our dream is in process of being achieved?

NO!...But why is our dream= Failure?

The answer to this is


For a smooth post plantation process of plants into trees ,you should be a patron of a plant!

HOW do we do it?

  • Step 1- We identify suitable areas for plantation wherein we will be in a position to grow 75 to 100 plants in a row. There will be a gap of 15 feet between 2 plants.
  • Step 2- We will plant the tree with you and our volunteers in a suitable location.
  • We will then procure an auto trolley for that particular area and employ a driver and assistant to water the plants.
  • Step 4- Lokakshemam Foundation has a strong volunteer base of senior citizens and retired people spread across Hyderabad, who are strong environmental lovers. They will be looking after the plants in their respective colonies along with our youth volunteers and admin staff.
  • Step 5-During the rainy season we will be putting urea for the plants and we also remove the weeds around them on a regular basis. We will geo tag each plant to the patron.

Note: For the plant to be fully grown it will require 4 years of proper care. For the 1st year it is Rs 900( Rs150 extra for a tree guard. This charge is applicable for first year only.) for this year and if convinced you can continue to donate for the following years.

How is your money spent?

  • Saptaparini
  • Kadamba
  • GulMohur
  • Peepal
  • Kanunga
  • Pogada
  • Country badam
  • Mahogany
  • Neem
  • Tamarind
Note- We plant them on the basis of their availability with us

Does lokakshemam Foundation receive government funding?
Ans- No
How do you make sure the funds are spent correctly on the purpose?
The funds are audited annually by an external auditing firm in Hyderabad called Surya Chandra Reddy and associates. We will be sending the project balance sheet half yearly and a magazine quarterly to the donors registered email address.
Is Lokakshemam Foundation a registered NGO? What is the registration number?
Ans- Yes. It is registered under Societies Registration Act.2001, Registrar of Societies, Hyderabad with Society No. 594 of 2015.
Is there an internal audit team?
Ans- Yes there is an internal audit team which consists of 5 volunteers from Finance background who will be liaising with our external auditor to make sure things are working fine. These volunteers are only for accounting and auditing purpose and don’t take part in the organization activities.
Do you have any damage policy in case if the plants planted are destroyed due to any un explained reasons? If yes please explain
Ans- We will be growing 40% to 50% extra number of plants to meet any eventuality.
How long will you water the plants? What is the policy you have if a person stops his donation in between of duration you have fixed? Will it be borne by the organization or you will register it to a new donor? Please explain the policy
Ans- For 9 months a year. We will be looking for new patrons. Anyhow, we will be having a buffer fund as a certain percentage to have the leverage
Lokakshemam Foundation is heavily relying on volunteers for many things. What is your present volunteer setup and how do you assure its compliance when compared to that of an org which runs programs with the help of its employees?
Ans- We have done many activities over the last one and half years, where hundreds of students have participated. Apart from this many people have registered online through our website and play the role of active volunteers.
Does your NGO have an 80G deduction component?
Ans- YES.
You have mentioned you will geo-tag the plants. What is the technology you are using to do so and explain the process how it runs with your patron of a plant project?
Ans- Most of the mobile phones have the facility to take out photos of the plant with longitude & latitude measured. This is what geo tagging is. Our volunteers will take out the photos & mail them to the patrons & update every yearly. Meanwhile the patrons can also verify physically if they need with the photo & location provided to them

We have embarked the journey of Patron of a plant by planting 110 plants at a stretch with our patrons,volunteers, local community members and and the Telangana Forest Academy team lead by Shri P. RAGHUVEER,IFS garu (Director- Telangana Forest Academy) on 17-06-2017.It was a wonderful day involving in this much needed noble work.Take a sneak peak into our work on the day.

Venue: AWHO colony road, beside Gunrock school, Karkhana, Secunderabad.
Plantations Photos

Remember your donation today, Will result in a greener  tomorrow!.. Be a proud patron of a plant!

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Ph: 9848098983 , 9908888942

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